Advertising Terms and Conditions

NON-AGENCY PRODUCED ADVERTISEMENTS: Terms are Net 30 days. A 1.5 monthly (18% per annum) interest charge WILL be added on any unpaid balances after 30 days.

AGENCY PRODUCED DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS: For the Vermont Winter Vacation Guide and the Vermont Vacation Guide a 15% agency commission is allowed for bona-fide advertising agencies, provided credit references are approved, digital-ready copy is submitted and payment is received within 30 days of invoice. A 1.5 monthly (18% per annum) interest charge WILL be added on any unpaid balances over 30 days. Agency commissions and any other applicable discounts shall be forfeited if the terms of this contract are not met. In-house agencies may provide out-of-house references and digital-ready materials in order to qualify for agency commissions.

PAYMENT OF DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS: Vermont Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to request prepayment from all advertisers.

ADVERTISING COPY: All copy must be in digital format, see website. VCC assumes no responsibility for errors on supplied materials, loss or damage to any art work, or digital file. Proofs will be provided only on requests made at least five working days prior to the ad closing date. Artwork received after the published closing date is not eligible for proofing by the author.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations will only be accepted prior to the closing date. Advertisers cancelling after the advertising closing date will be responsible for the full cost of the ad.

AD POSITIONING: Positions of advertisements are at the discretion of VCC except where a request for a specific preferred position is acknowledged by VCC in writing.

LISTINGS: Listing content may be edited by VCC in order to meet listing requirements. VCC will not inform the organization that placed the listing of edits.